Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Roomate at Hostel KPTM

I have two roomates that is Siti Nabilah Bt Abdul Rahim and Siti Khadijah Al-Munawarah Bt

Kamarudin.At the first time I met them, I think they uncommunicative, respectful and shy person.

Unfotunately, they same like me. Actually, they cheerful, happy, and polite. We usually

study,laugh and tidy up our room together. In room, when one of us cannot understand about

certain subject, the other always help if know to solve the problem. Sometimes, we have a little

misunderstanding but we still care each other.

I want to leave with them the next semesta because they always care about me especially when

weekend because they always returned their home except if they have a test. They always ask

me what kind of food that I want when they wanted to went to the cafe. Beside that, they also ask

me when I late to back hostel example when I stay in College.

I felt that I know them about 3 years not 3 month. I hope my roomate and I can help each other for

the final exam and get dean in the first semesta.

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