Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Second Brother

My second brother is Othman Bin Jamaludin.He is 23 years old. He was born at Hospital Kluang on 1st July

 1987. His favourite food is Nasi Goreng Kampung Ayam while his favourite drink is Milo Ice.His hobby is

repair his motocycle.He is very strict and egoistic person.Now, he works as Mechanic at his members

workshop. Before, he works with my father at Terengganu.After a few month, he give up and he decided 

search work at Kluang because always with family.

Actually, I do not clost with my second brother because he not always at home. He always busy with his

friend and his gilrfriend. 

I love him because he is so lovely and always take care about my family. He always upset with me if he see I

meet with my boyfriend. He not dont like with my boyfriend but he dont want people talk about our family.

The proof is when he hang out with my boyfriend, he treat my boyfriend as same as the other friends.


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