Sunday, August 29, 2010


Muhammad Bin Jamaludin?That is my first brother.He is 28 years old.He is single.He was born on 25th

November 1982 at Hospital Kluang, Johor. He works as Executive of SPNB branch Johor. His favourite

food is Nasi Goreng Kampung while His favourite drink is Fresh Orange. He have the same hobby with my

father that is playing golf in free time or every weekend.Sometimes, he follows my father join the tournament.

He the only son that very clost to my mom.

I also very clost to him because he is very sporting and caring person. He always call me. He also usually ask

me about my healthy, money same thing that my parents ask me. He is so responsible person. Sometimes, he

give my second brother and I money for our saving. He also give my parents money if he have extra money. I

love my brother very much. I will never regret have a brother like him.

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