Saturday, August 21, 2010


Before I came and registered as student of KPTM Bangi, i felt so annoying and sad to take care myself without my parents. This is the first time I managed my life by myself. I felt so sad when I kiss my mother before my mother leaved the hostel. Many things that I faced since lived at here. Praised to Allah that I have roomate that very sporting and have the same objective with me to come here.

During orientation, I always with my roomate because I didn't know anyone from my semesta. I must be pantual with the orientation many activities that fasilitators did along the orientation. I very happy when orientation ended. But, many set of instruction and information after orientation ended. I felt so angry because I want to back home in Kluang because I miss them there. After a few days, I came back to Kluang.

In first class, I was so excited because I knew many friends from everywhere. My closest classmate is Noor Amirah Ahtira from Malacca and Nurul Amirah from Muar, Johor but stay with her mother at Jerantut,Pahang. Everyday, we went to the class together. In my class, all of us very sporting and noisy. We always helped each others in all subject. For me, the worked group that lecturer always gave to us was so good because from there all of us can more closest with each others.

Until now, I do not felt regret become a student of KPTM Bangi yet. I happy with my life eventhough without my parents. If I have the opportunity I will back to Kluang.I miss Kluang very much.

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