Sunday, August 8, 2010

My beloved father

My father name is Jamaludin Bin Jaafar.He is 55 years old.He was born at military hospital at singapore on 17th may 1955.He is the first son in his sibling.My father's sibling include 5 brothers and 2 sister.His father's name is Jaafar bin Abd Aziz while his mother's name is Ngah binti Omar.His father still alive while his mother was pass away 2 years ago. He is very responsible brother in his family.My father get married with my mother during he is 28 years old.From that, my father have 3 child include 2 boys and 1 girl.Now,he works as manager of motivation camp at Terengganu.He is kind but he very strict on a certain case.His favourite food is fried chicken while his favourite drink is nescafe ice.His hobby is playing golf with his friends.His always join any golf tournament every weekends.His always bring our family to the interesting place.He always went to Terengganu to check his camp.

I love my father very much because I the only child that close to him.He always call me since I enter in KPTM Bangi. He always ask me about study,money and my healthy.He is very caring person and sporting.He always remainded me about solat and always think of God.For me, he was the best father in the world.He also my inspiration for my life.

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